Friday, June 10, 2011

So true

So true isn't it? Most of us can be strong and resilient, and suppress whatever negative emotions we hide inside of us- that oftentimes, we even amaze ourselves with our capabilities in putting up a brave frontier to the rest of the world. But the moment THE magical probing question is asked, volumes of saline come pouring out, naturally, unstoppable, from those two miniature windows to our souls.

And for some of us who know this, the question is to ask or not to. When someone is clearly hiding a terrible pain, should we just leave them be and save ourselves the embarrassment of forcing a friend into making a hearty confession when he or she clearly prefers keeping things inside? Would it be too cruel to ask?

Yes, it is cruel. It definitely is, when you're just asking out of pleasure to satisfy your curiosity.

Dear friend, I've been going through what you were going through so I never asked you what was wrong when I heard you cry. I am sorry but I thought it was better that way. I would have wanted the same if I were you, for the time being at least. I knew it would have caused you discomfort to speak about what was bothering you, but when you're ready to share, I'm here, right here, I'm not going anywhere. 

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