Sunday, July 22, 2012

A place where all your troubles are forgotten

U: Are you going home for keeps?
Me: Yes..for keeps, after four years here. (smiles)
U: Before you go, I have something to say. You mark my words. (chin resting on his single cupped hand, deep in thought). IC will open doors for you.
Me: (laughs pleasantly)
U: It really will! (with more emphasis)
Me: Thank you for saying that. I really hope it will.
U: IC is even better than O and C. During my student days, one of the students in my year went on the be the CEO of a xxx company. Another guy, he lives just across the street came up with the xxx Equation. Have you heard of the xxx Equation? I'm telling you it will open doors, your degree.
Me: Wow! I hope I'll invent something someday!
U: A CE degree from IC certainly puts a lot of things into your head. I myself have a lot of junk in my head, all these things, which I still remember to this day. (mentions again the xxx Equation etc.)
A: Are you coming back for graduation?
Me: I certainly hope so.
A: Then I will see you again! Make sure you come back to More House too. People always return and they always say that they feel so welcome everytime they come back and that people here still recognize them!
U: Certainly! More House is a place where you forget all your worries and troubles as soon as you step in.
Me: What you've just said is so true (beams)


Sometimes, strangers make us smile more than the people we see everyday. Random, honest exchanges like these get etched into one's memory simply because so much cheer and genuineness flew across three little hearts, after a beautiful Mass on a sunny Sunday. A safety jacket with yellow strips of highlight, a bicycle being carried out of narrow doors, a staircase where conversation was made about a scientific conversation, wandering thoughts about lunch and summer fruits, a kind face decorated with a moustache and spectacles, a one-armed hug for a keepsakes photograph. Such were the bits and pieces that I try hard not to cling on to, wishing that there would be more repeats because of the ominous feeling I have because I'm aware that the clock is ticking. My time here is numbered, in this foreign land. Home, here I come.