Friday, December 11, 2009

First Pay =))) !

Today I received my first pay ever! Yoo Hoo! This is only the beginning. I want to have many more pay days so that I can buy mummy whatever she wants! =DDDD When I was little I always wanted to give all of my first pay to mummy, every single cent. I always imagined handing her a stack of cash on my first pay day. I can't see that dream realised now because if I were to do that, I would lose a lot on the exchange rate, and probably, the process of sending her my meagre pay would cost more than the pay itself =S Next time, when I earn real money, I'll do that for her. Mummy, I love you so much!!!!

Yesterday, I presented some muffins to Khan and Henry. I was so happy to see the way Henry's face lit up! He shook both my hands and told me the muffins were lovely hehe. Khan thanked me too, but he was a bit depressed about a certain person so I couldn't help but feel bad for him. Love hurts, yes it does..

I realize I love using exclamation marks when I'm expressing myself. Hmmmm.. A person reading my blog posts (if there is any to begin with!) might find it an eyesore. Sorry about that but that is pretty much me. hahaha.. I'm a sucker for all things rainbowy and jolly and sweet and cakey and sweety and what not! There you go, another exclamation mark..tee hee ^^

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moist Banana Choc Chips Muffin!!!

I've meant to try baking some muffins for quite some time and was inspired by the Library Cafe's Lemon and Poppy Seed muffin. Since it was a Wednesday today and I had loads of time to kill, I decided to try making that. However, as I was searching online for the perfect recipe, I somehow strayed to banana muffin recipes. I found this most AMAZING recipe from here:

And so, I hurried away from college, ran into Sainsbury and started filling my shopping basket with all the ingredients. I was quite delighted to find some riped bananas in the fruits section which proved quite good in the end! hehe! Also, I unwilling to spend slightly more than 5 pounds on the muffin tray and ended up only buying the muffin cases. (0.85p for 75 pieces)

When I came home, I started work straightaway! Sharmie was cooking pasta for lunch at the same time and Kor was up to making some Nutella pancakes so I had much fun having light conversation with them. Kor has been obsessed with egg tarts lately and he lent me some of the aluminium cases for my muffins. Thank Goodness!! Or else, they would have gone out of shape. (I finally realised the importance of a muffin tray! haha..but am thankful I didn't buy one anyway because Kor had loads of the aluminium cases)

The muffins came out heavenly!!! Some modifications I did to the recipe was use 1 1/2 large eggs instead of 2 small eggs and I added about 2/3 more tablespoons of sugar into the batter. Other than that, I followed the recipe almost by LAW and they turned out HEAVENLY!!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Remember

JPS, Benson and Hedges, Malboro, Pall Mall, Mayfair, Dunhill; Drum. Oh dear..I can't remember the rest. Will add them up once I do.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Work Experiences

I missed out on a few interesting things that happened at work yesterday because I was too busy with my matlab report. One of the things that happened was a customer came up and asked me for Durex. I gave it to him professionally but he was a bit sheepish (an adult man). Since there were a lot of customers in line, I couldn't really stop to appreciate how bizarre the situation was for me, especially since it was my first day at work. A good thing was I knew what he wanted to purchase. Imagine the embarassment if I asked aloud and scrambled over the shelves looking for what he wanted. A little knowledge goes a long way I suppose. I was quite amused by the experience. Never imagined myself doing that. Anyway, I sold tonnes of cigarettes, filter paper, matches, lighters etc. Whoa.. little Lucy selling all that. Bizarre indeed...very bizarre.

Today I co-worked with two other people. At 12 I partnered with this Singaporean guy. Although I seriously preferred standing, he never offered his chair to me until after about an hour or so. Stark contrast when I remember how Khan offered me his chair immediately after I started work for about 3-5 minutes. I guess a friend's comment that Singaporean boys are not gentlemanly could be true to a certain extent. I missed Khan lots today. The Singaporean guy was nice to work with, but a certain warm feeling wasn't there today.

I felt happy because I made Henry (store manager) smile today! When he came during his break to purchase a flapjack, I commented that he always had exact change! And he was so happy! His face brightened and he asked, "How do you know that?!", "Thank you for knowing more about me". I felt like hugging him. He's like a daddy =))

In the evening I worked another shift with Amit Khan. He is an experienced staff. Quite a nice, outgoing guy who was slightly amused that I could get some of the cigarettes pretty fast when customers ask for them. He's the cool type and it was a pleasure getting to know him. I hope he joins our AIESEC programme for real! He'll enjoy it no doubt.

Well, that's it for working today. I miss Henry and Khan a lot! I think they trained me well on my first day. It was the best first day experience ever ever ever!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Childhood Dream Realized

Today was my first day as a part-timer at the Union Shop of ICU. I met Sue first who got me my codes and my shirt (awesome, I loved it!), then she turned me in to Henry, an absolutely charming shop manager who guided me for my first time at the till. I also worked with Khan today. He was very friendly, helpful and talkative I liked him so so much! Great new acquaintance he was! I already know he's madly in love with a pHd student in my department and when he told me he baked her a Christmas cake, I was very very impressed. Hope she texts him back tonight, he's in anguish as she's not responded to any of his texts this morning. Perhaps she was shocked with the cake yesterday. I thouroughly enjoyed the new experience though I was a bit slow at picking up on things at times. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to realize my childhood dream as a cashier and for giving me this part-time job so that I can gain more experiece besides earning a little pocket money.