Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beaches and Wing Beneath My Wings

Today, I was looking for a song to dedicate to my childhood friend. I was lucky enough to have found the song "Wing Beneath My Wings" which was used in the movie Beaches. The lyrics struck a chord in me and as words are one of the things in this world with the most effect on me, it led me to find out more about the plot of the movie that had this song on its soundtrack. A quick look up on Wikipedia resulted in me saturating my mind with the story of two life-long friends who loved and hated, cared and despised, betrayed and rescued each other. It was a good story-line, and very realistic too. From the top of my head, I can already name some of the friends I have with whom I have a similar sort of relationship, at least from my eyes. One of the main characters, CC, is someone I can relate to. Apparently, she's a star in the eyes of the world, but in essence she is a very selfish person. It was interesting to see how she lost the man she loved, gained him back and lost him again. With her career as her main purpose in life, people around her, even her own mother, got sidetracked. But oh did she bounce back up! Despite the calamities that befell her, she kept on going, kept on singing, kept on being successful.

I wonder if people who are selfish have a higher rate of recovery from sadness? It seems to be a rather crude proposition of an opinion from such an immature person like me. But somehow, it's a rather accurate description for a number of people out there. Life has to go on, dreams to be pursued, new continents have to be conquered. Oh wait.. Are my thoughts bordering on ambition now? There is a thin, vague line separating ambition from self-centeredness, and the two often go hand in hand. Even feelings can be pushed aside by a person who knows what her priorities are. I am unsure if I am as selfish as CC was in the movie as I have not watched it yet, so there is no telling how we correlate. I am also unsure if I am selfish from the core of my heart.

I used to think I had no backbone of my own. I used to despise myself for letting others step on my head. But I was wrong afterall. I do have some good qualities afterall, which I will focus on nurturing. Lots of people do look down on me, but they never took the time to get to know me. And for some of them, it's too late now.

It rained so heavily outside today. When it rains, it pours. But it cleanses the soul. God sends down those droplets of water to drench us with a realisation that after the cold and the wet have dissipated away, we can start our lives anew in His grace.

I'm dying to watch Beaches after my exams! (With a box of tissues at the ready of course!)

Monday, May 23, 2011


Now now, that is the most literal word I could use now to describe how my stomach feels like doing. I've been loading myself with cakes and chocolates for the past few days due to utter revision stress! I had to make my stomach warm and fuzzy! I deserve to binge once in a while!

Someone has been very selfish towards me lately. Asking me to go out with him and to give him a chance to know myself more. I kept wondering to myself, what right does he have to ask me that? He must have heard from someone that I am single now. But that doesn't mean he can just butt in, ask me out for dinner, and text me every single day. I am busy and I've made it clear, very clear in fact, that I DO NOT want to be in a relationship. He says he finds me attractive. So? Just because you're in a comfortable position now, it doesn't mean you can laden me with these questions. I am not entitled to allow you to know me better because I have already chosen to be by myself.

All the attention I've received has not made me a conceited person. I've received far too much lately that it's killing me, choking me, leading me towards withdrawal. Please give me some space to breathe for goodness sakes.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


It is interesting how certain, vivid, vengeful thoughts can creep up in our minds all of a sudden, often triggered by stress, which make us feel unreasonably enraged. In one of my Catechism classes when I was younger, my teacher, Mrs. Lucy, mentioned to us that whenever she feels angry, she'll remind herself that the devil is near or even just beside her, whispering insidious reminders/reasons to be mad. I am so happy I remembered what she taught us because I had a moment of rage just now.

But was my rage unreasonable? That is the funny part. The devil justified my anger, and gave me so many 'strong' reasons to feel jealous and 'wronged'. Yes, Mr.lucifer, it's true as you said that one of my friends has no original initiative of her own to do certain things. Yes, it's true that she tends to take after me. Yes, although my efforts were gallant and unrewarded and her's were also gallant but rewarded, so what? Yes, it's also true that she has closely done a LOT of things I've done first (no originality again..yawn).

Let me tell you this, I exert a good influence on the people around me. Although I've failed in some respects and the friend succeeded, CHOOSING to be happy because the friend has succeeded is a state of mental maturity I can be proud of on a personal level. This certain person who follows whatever I do too closely might be someone with no inspiration and it's not wrong for her to want to build something for herself, just as I wanted. There is no reason for me to be angry for being 'copied' :) I shall take pride in being a worthy peer! I already have so many blessings from God. He loves me so much, and this little pet peeve pales in comparison to every other thing I can cherish! There you go, mr. devil, in your face ha!

Despite being mature and graceful as much as I can, I actually hope this certain person will not tag too closely to me in the future as I too am human and need my space. This has been bugging me for some time and I am really surprised at how patient I can be! There is strong spirit of individualism bursting out from me and I would love to let it live. I want to take charge of the definition of me! Hussah!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Building a Fence Around Myself

A coincidence occurred today. In the evening, someone called me to go out to have some ice-cream together. I was tempted at first, and slightly pressured to go but I reminded myself that I have my priorities, I have to guard myself and at the same time, guard that person from me. I find it extremely hard to reject the requests of other people, but lately, I am more resolved to form a backbone of my own. Later at night, another person texted me to meet up this weekend. I almost relented but I reminded myself again of who I am, what I strive to be. I want my independence back. I want my time alone again.

At the same time, I'm afraid if I'm shunning away from people who could really be nice to me. However, there are more important things for me to do now. I need to define myself with my own terms. I can laugh and smile to the world, but at the end of the day, I have no one true person to share the core of my soul with. I want to look for the right person, when the time comes. I can't spare time for people who don't even know what they want for their future. Yes, I am building a fence around myself but that can't necessarily be a bad thing :)

On a totally random note, something funny happened today that brought a big smile to my face. I wanted to buy this Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Egg and it was the last one on display. I brought it to the counter but it wouldn't scan and the lady cashier kept urging me to get another type (I didn't want the Creme Eggs though). I amiably complained to her that that was the only egg I wanted and yayyyyy in the end! She said, "Oh bother, I'll sell this to you for 0.20p. It's got to be eaten anyway by someone and it might as well be you. You're skinny enough as you are already. Here you go darling!" I was so happy I kept smiling to myself. The egg was good and I plan to get a Lindor one soon! I almost hugged the lady cashier! She was so sweet.

Now, I miss mom :(

But I'm still happy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Reasons to be happy today:
1. Waking up on time to sign up for an elective next year
2. Satisfying my crave for pir-piri flavoured crisps that didn't turn out that good :S
3. The weather is unbelievably good
4. A friend did well on a test this morning

Dear God, I count my blessings today in your name. There are so much more reasons to be happy and although there are reasons to be sad too, I offer them all up to you and put my best foot forward! :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Joys of Easter 2011

I am really pleased with my little achievements this Easter. I abstained from meat for 51 days and avoided from purchasing chocolates for myself the entire period! It seems a bit strange now that I can enjoy meat again but it definitely is enjoyable. I'm allowing myself to drool at pictures of meat dishes once more :)

Today, our priest mentioned about some young Catholics making testimonials about God's risen presence in their lives. I reflected on this and realized that I felt it after confession. God has forgiven my sins! No matter how huge, or how shameful, He has forgiven them all. Such is the joy of Easter, the realization of how Jesus died in order for our sins to be forgiven. Whenever I feel sad for my sins of the past, I have to remind myself that the only person left who has not forgiven me is myself. That is something I have to overcome.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me and for loving each and every one of us so much!