Monday, May 23, 2011


Now now, that is the most literal word I could use now to describe how my stomach feels like doing. I've been loading myself with cakes and chocolates for the past few days due to utter revision stress! I had to make my stomach warm and fuzzy! I deserve to binge once in a while!

Someone has been very selfish towards me lately. Asking me to go out with him and to give him a chance to know myself more. I kept wondering to myself, what right does he have to ask me that? He must have heard from someone that I am single now. But that doesn't mean he can just butt in, ask me out for dinner, and text me every single day. I am busy and I've made it clear, very clear in fact, that I DO NOT want to be in a relationship. He says he finds me attractive. So? Just because you're in a comfortable position now, it doesn't mean you can laden me with these questions. I am not entitled to allow you to know me better because I have already chosen to be by myself.

All the attention I've received has not made me a conceited person. I've received far too much lately that it's killing me, choking me, leading me towards withdrawal. Please give me some space to breathe for goodness sakes.

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