Friday, June 4, 2010

What if your best isn't enough?

When people ask this question, I often find myself not relating but after today's exam, I started doubting myself, my abilities, my all. I try so hard sometimes but get to nowhere and it is indeed hard to keep myself from feeling a tad bit depressed. However, the sunshine in me is still there and I hope that God will not leave me. I do need Him the most when I am trying to hold on and not, never give up.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Being Strong

Sometimes when we're in the midst of exams, we know we've not done a paper as well as others but the only thing to do is to keep strong! It's not wrong for others to be happy and cheerful for a good paper and although it is mighty hard to be happy along with them, the best thing is to hold your head up high and strive for the next paper! JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!! Having your own sunshine in your heart is a lovely thing! Only the presence of God and his Holy Spirit in you can help you achieve such a positive state.