Monday, January 18, 2010

Acknowledge your weaknesses, then deal with them :)

I am a victim of jealousy sometimes. I just figured, I get jealous when I'm not sure about myself. In other words, how insecure I am about my position in the lives of others can make me a monster of jealousy. *laughs*

This is pretty normal in growing up isn't it? We want the people who love us to always keep doing that. If another person slowly creeps into their lives, we might get defensive and exert our so called but non-justified 'ownership' over the people we care about. Indeed, no one has the right to do that. But yet again, not many have the strength to not only think maturely, but feel maturely too. Feelings are immature most of the time. What we are used to feeling in childhood, tends to carry on into adulthood. That's why most of our emotions when invoked, are reminiscent of the way we feel and respond to scenarios since our younger days.

However, the trick is in handling our emotions. If you can't stop but feel them, don't make the excuse that you can't dictate it. We can! I can! Cheers :P

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Blogs!

I am afraid of being forgotten. I am afraid of drowning into the crowd and being special to no one. Now I realize how vulnerable I am to the feeling of unimportance. I don't mind if people who are just acquaintances of mine forget me; but to the people whom I hold special, I do not want to be forgotten. At least to a niche of people, I want to be remembered.

On a lighter note, I have this fancy for well written food blogs and would like to share some here. Recently, I watched the movie Julie and Julia and the theme of the movie somehow correlates to the internal fears I have. Nora Ephron was responsible for the screenplay of this movie, just as she was for You've Got Mail and I must tell you, I really really enjoyed this movie. Anyways, the protagonist in the movie started a food blog too, inspired by her role model who is an excellent French cook.

Alright, some of the good food blogs I found:
3. (my friend recommended this one to me. Thanks HX!)
7. (i love the cute videos in this one!!)