Sunday, March 13, 2011

Growing Up

Sometimes, I wonder what maturity really is. When I speak to someone who has a strong personality, I am often inclined to believe that whatever that person says is right. It could be the case that I'm too easily persuaded, with no backbone of my own, or that that person has such a strong projection of his/her opinion that what they say seems 'right'.

I realized an important lesson today however, which is the power of keeping silent when someone hurts you. Silence in a way, is a sign of maturity. Whenever someone hurts you, the immediate reaction for most people is to lash back, retaliate, return hurt for hurt. The person who feels victimized often wants to get even, or more than even. This is not the way of Christ. The mention of spirituality brings me to my next important point. If God is in one's heart, then all these slurs do not matter anymore, all these hurts are nothing. God will heal, He will handle everything. Hence, maturity comes from God.

I have been pondering on independence for quite a while. I wish to be more independent, more acute to my surroundings. Currently, I am surrounded by a web of comfort and I wish to break free, I want to find my own place in this world!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Please give me some space :D

I somehow feel a bit annoyed when I feel that other people copy my behaviour too closely. Although everyone has a spirit of competitiveness in them, it is often pressing when a certain someone copies me all too closely and obviously. It is a good thing if I take it as if I have a positive influence on others but I am no saint.

Whenever I emulate this person in some ways, this person is always quick to point out that I copied her. But I try my best to refrain from pointing out how obviously she follows my traits. The special friends that I treasure and share special connections with also have to be shared with this person now. I feel slightly intruded. My actions and friends are being invaded...shared out. I am not trying to be selfish although in essence it really is selfish, but I just need to be an individual sometimes. A person who is defined by her own terms!

I am not willing to share out everything with this other person. Please stop copying my actions and lead your own life with your own confidence. Believe in yourself and try to map out your life your way =) I feel as though you're trailing along my path when I am trying to venture out on my own, build my own blocks.

Sharing is caring but we can't share everything.