Friday, December 4, 2009

Work Experiences

I missed out on a few interesting things that happened at work yesterday because I was too busy with my matlab report. One of the things that happened was a customer came up and asked me for Durex. I gave it to him professionally but he was a bit sheepish (an adult man). Since there were a lot of customers in line, I couldn't really stop to appreciate how bizarre the situation was for me, especially since it was my first day at work. A good thing was I knew what he wanted to purchase. Imagine the embarassment if I asked aloud and scrambled over the shelves looking for what he wanted. A little knowledge goes a long way I suppose. I was quite amused by the experience. Never imagined myself doing that. Anyway, I sold tonnes of cigarettes, filter paper, matches, lighters etc. Whoa.. little Lucy selling all that. Bizarre indeed...very bizarre.

Today I co-worked with two other people. At 12 I partnered with this Singaporean guy. Although I seriously preferred standing, he never offered his chair to me until after about an hour or so. Stark contrast when I remember how Khan offered me his chair immediately after I started work for about 3-5 minutes. I guess a friend's comment that Singaporean boys are not gentlemanly could be true to a certain extent. I missed Khan lots today. The Singaporean guy was nice to work with, but a certain warm feeling wasn't there today.

I felt happy because I made Henry (store manager) smile today! When he came during his break to purchase a flapjack, I commented that he always had exact change! And he was so happy! His face brightened and he asked, "How do you know that?!", "Thank you for knowing more about me". I felt like hugging him. He's like a daddy =))

In the evening I worked another shift with Amit Khan. He is an experienced staff. Quite a nice, outgoing guy who was slightly amused that I could get some of the cigarettes pretty fast when customers ask for them. He's the cool type and it was a pleasure getting to know him. I hope he joins our AIESEC programme for real! He'll enjoy it no doubt.

Well, that's it for working today. I miss Henry and Khan a lot! I think they trained me well on my first day. It was the best first day experience ever ever ever!!

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