Friday, December 11, 2009

First Pay =))) !

Today I received my first pay ever! Yoo Hoo! This is only the beginning. I want to have many more pay days so that I can buy mummy whatever she wants! =DDDD When I was little I always wanted to give all of my first pay to mummy, every single cent. I always imagined handing her a stack of cash on my first pay day. I can't see that dream realised now because if I were to do that, I would lose a lot on the exchange rate, and probably, the process of sending her my meagre pay would cost more than the pay itself =S Next time, when I earn real money, I'll do that for her. Mummy, I love you so much!!!!

Yesterday, I presented some muffins to Khan and Henry. I was so happy to see the way Henry's face lit up! He shook both my hands and told me the muffins were lovely hehe. Khan thanked me too, but he was a bit depressed about a certain person so I couldn't help but feel bad for him. Love hurts, yes it does..

I realize I love using exclamation marks when I'm expressing myself. Hmmmm.. A person reading my blog posts (if there is any to begin with!) might find it an eyesore. Sorry about that but that is pretty much me. hahaha.. I'm a sucker for all things rainbowy and jolly and sweet and cakey and sweety and what not! There you go, another exclamation mark..tee hee ^^

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