Thursday, December 3, 2009

Childhood Dream Realized

Today was my first day as a part-timer at the Union Shop of ICU. I met Sue first who got me my codes and my shirt (awesome, I loved it!), then she turned me in to Henry, an absolutely charming shop manager who guided me for my first time at the till. I also worked with Khan today. He was very friendly, helpful and talkative I liked him so so much! Great new acquaintance he was! I already know he's madly in love with a pHd student in my department and when he told me he baked her a Christmas cake, I was very very impressed. Hope she texts him back tonight, he's in anguish as she's not responded to any of his texts this morning. Perhaps she was shocked with the cake yesterday. I thouroughly enjoyed the new experience though I was a bit slow at picking up on things at times. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to realize my childhood dream as a cashier and for giving me this part-time job so that I can gain more experiece besides earning a little pocket money.

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