Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moist Banana Choc Chips Muffin!!!

I've meant to try baking some muffins for quite some time and was inspired by the Library Cafe's Lemon and Poppy Seed muffin. Since it was a Wednesday today and I had loads of time to kill, I decided to try making that. However, as I was searching online for the perfect recipe, I somehow strayed to banana muffin recipes. I found this most AMAZING recipe from here:

And so, I hurried away from college, ran into Sainsbury and started filling my shopping basket with all the ingredients. I was quite delighted to find some riped bananas in the fruits section which proved quite good in the end! hehe! Also, I unwilling to spend slightly more than 5 pounds on the muffin tray and ended up only buying the muffin cases. (0.85p for 75 pieces)

When I came home, I started work straightaway! Sharmie was cooking pasta for lunch at the same time and Kor was up to making some Nutella pancakes so I had much fun having light conversation with them. Kor has been obsessed with egg tarts lately and he lent me some of the aluminium cases for my muffins. Thank Goodness!! Or else, they would have gone out of shape. (I finally realised the importance of a muffin tray! haha..but am thankful I didn't buy one anyway because Kor had loads of the aluminium cases)

The muffins came out heavenly!!! Some modifications I did to the recipe was use 1 1/2 large eggs instead of 2 small eggs and I added about 2/3 more tablespoons of sugar into the batter. Other than that, I followed the recipe almost by LAW and they turned out HEAVENLY!!!!

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