Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Greatest Girl Crush

I have always had a crush on Alexis Bledel, ever since I saw her in an episode of Gilmore Girls. For those of you who don't know her, you're missing out BIG time!  She's also starred alongside Blake Lively of Gossip Girl fame and America Ferrera, who is known to most people as the actress who plays Ugly Betty. And before you start to wonder, no, I do not have any form of sexual affinity towards my own gender. Just take it that I am one who can appreciate beauty, in an innocent manner at that. 

She's more than 30 years old now but she still looks like a child. I was shocked to discover her age after watching an interview of hers with David Letterman. Just like Audrey Hepburn, Alexis never seems to grow old. I have so many reasons to be crazy over her. Besides a set of the most mesmerizing, haunting blue eyes a girl can have, she is effortlessly charming and sweet. Oh, and did I mention humble too?! 

She looks very much like an angel, don't you think? Even when she's expressionless or indifferent, one cannot help but stare. I've got to put it down to her natural beauty, it attracts attention, without being called for. From an aesthetic point of view, I'd say her most outstanding features are the shape of her face, her fair skin and the aforementioned pair of almost transparent dreamy eyes. What's not to love about how she looks? The photo above is of her in Tuck Everlasting, a fairy tale I watched last summer after my exams. I especially adore the way she looks when she frowns because I think she could make hearts melt with it. It's insane that a negative facial expression can still be so adorable. 

As Rory in Gilmore Girls, she played a smart, witty teenager with an ENORMOUS love for books and literature. The series lasted for several seasons in which she grew up, left home, went to Yale instead of Harvard (which was her original dream), fell in and out of love, learned more about life, was proposed to and in the end, got a fantastic chance to work on a political campaign. I spent every Sunday afternoon at home watching the series and was so inspired to become a journalist myself, it was insane! I should have known I never had talent in that department. Darn, I don’t even know if I have a single talent!

She's the one I can only dream of being like. 

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