Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pentecost Sunday

It is Pentecost Sunday today and Mass at More House was really beautiful. It is indeed a privilege to be able to receive Holy Communion again this week, but in addition to that sacred gift, the homily was enriching and the hymns today, especially the hymns, made me so happy. "Spirit of God" was sung today, my absolute favourite. I used to sing this all the time in college whenever I was too swamped with stress. The habit carried on during my holiday breaks even, that mom would have to bear with my horrible vocals at home. I can never do justice to this hymn. Nevertheless, I love it so much, and sing it so often, that mom mentioned to me recently how she'd think of me straightaway whenever it is sung at St. Michael's. I was glad to hear that and when I heard the hymn today, I was reminded of her and everyone at home. 

The lyrics to the hymn brings me way back into time, when strong winds used to sweep through the palm trees just behind my room. I could feel the Holy Spirit breathing, literally upon me and my friends. I would run upstairs in the night, to the balcony and watch how the trees shook wildly about. It would have been scary, or gruesome for most people, in that tiny shadowy corner, lit only by an orange worn out lamp - but it was my little peaceful space, that tiny spot. 

As called for by tradition, Sister Gabriel got the little children to hand out the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 7 different gifts, and we get to pick just one from the baskets, in the form of cute bookmarks. If I remember rightly, for the past two years, I've amassed the gifts of "Counsel" and "Fortitude", so imagine my joy today at obtaining "Wisdom"! Praise God for His wonders!

After Mass, a little chat with Alexis revealed to me that she uses a film camera. How amazing and cool is that?! She's this really charming young lady who makes me wonder why I'm living such a selfish life sometimes. She completed a 10K marathon for CAFOD, a charity, in just under an hour! And what have I ever done for God?

P/S: I need a sanity check for blogging ever so frequently during the exams. 

Addendum: Someone just has to knock me in the head! I only just realized that today's Prayer of the Faithful was done in multiple languages, to honour our first reading in which the Apostles spoke in many different languages! How could I have been so ignorant? :) It's a beautiful day. 

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