Monday, June 6, 2011

I Give You my Heart


Dear God, I was playing with mummy’s cupboard door just awhile ago, swinging it open and shutting it tightly over and over again. Suddenly, it won’t open anymore. Please God, please help me. Otherwise, mummy would find out and she’ll be really angry with me.


God, please help me to get better. Please let my swollen ears recover and help no one to laugh at me in school. I miss my friends and I want to go back after spending two weeks in the hospital. I don’t even get ice-cream here unless I am having my throat operated. I miss mummy. Please God, help my ears get better.


Help Granpa to be in Heaven dear Father. I miss him. Please help Uncle Raymond not to cry anymore. I thank you that the members of my extended family are all reunited again at this time.


Please help me to do well in my exams dear God so that I can make it to the Convent!


I felt humiliated in school today, yet again. I’m playing truant yet again for another two times this week. Dear God, help the teacher to believe that my asthma is really affecting me. I feel so alone, no real friends and Mr.K is always just around the corner to taunt me in front of my peers whenever he can. What have I done to him? Why can’t I stop tearing up everytime he makes fun of me? Please help me to bear with this.


Dear Jesus, where will you lead me now? Thank you for the graces You’ve bestowed upon me. Please help M to get what You’ve given me as well. I’d hate to spread my wings and leave him behind.


Dear Lord, I’m dying here, I don’t understand a thing and I miss home so much. I can’t give up. Please come stand beside me, guide me through this path.


Dear Jesus, I kneel to you and shout out at the top of my lungs, “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”. I’ve never been happier ever, thank you for bringing him into my life and bless us both!


Dear Mama Mary, why must we learn how to forgive? I cannot forgive this person. It’s a shame that I have decided to hate him forever. One day, I hope to stop hating him. Help me and my friend through this rough patch.


Dear God, I’ve ventured so far from You these past few years that You seem so foreign to me now. Rope me back to You. I need You.

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