Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bout of Homesickness

I felt a little homesick today at around 6.45pm as I turned in to bed because I couldn't concentrate on my work. I miss hugging mom and following her around the house while helping her with housework and boring her with my stories. But after about a half an hour nap, I was feeling much better. Being happy is a choice. It always is. Only I can choose to be happy and I should never let myself be annoyed by the antics of other people. I have a very low annoyance tolerance. If someone shows how bossy he or she is or just how right they are in every single thing we talk about, I get annoyed but never do show it. Perhaps I'm scared? Or I'm just plain tolerant afterall! =)

I've been getting much more time for myself these days, which is something I've been in want of for almost a year. I realize how much I like being alone. It gives direction and focus to the mind. And I love focus! It keeps me in tune somehow.

For dinner tonight, I cooked a soup with chicken, sweet potatoes, ginger, carrots, and mushrooms. I just used water to boil all of these and walla a tasty dish was produced! No salt, no artificial flavourings. Isn't that healthy? =) And did I mention sometimes, we need space to cook alone too? Then, I'm less influenced by comments from other people or what they are having so that I have what I really want to! Some 'me-space' is definitely a good remedy to a long day at school.

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