Monday, October 19, 2009

Out in the Chilly Night

Today, I made a graduation card for C.K and went out at 11pm to buy him a gift. Kor decided to follow me because he said he needed to get away from work for awhile. So, we ran out to Sainsbury in shorts. It was so cold! Both of us got our seniors some chocolates which we hope they will like =) Kor got some for Shi Chian and Sze Hwei. He is in hardworking mode now, making them cards, and he even wanted to wrap up all the chocolates a moment ago. Semangat!

Tonight will certainly be one of those good old memories in my upper storage. Running out in the cold with kor, with all the mist, and coming back home with a bag of chocs and joyful moods.

I'm so proud of my senior C.K. He's one of the most helpful people I've met at university, and also the first senior I got to know. He'll definitely be great wherever he is, whatever he's doing!

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