Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today was another great Sunday! On my way out to church today, I met two very friendly flat mates also staying at 151. We had a nice chat on the way to church, a divergence from my plan to run to church to work up my metabolism; but nonetheless, I enjoyed talking to them (Audrey and Chun Di)! On the way back, KJ wanted to come see HX so we walked together and no jogging for me In the evening, I was supposed to go cycling while YH jogged but again, the plan was cancelled because the skies were already dark by 5pm. I guess it's just sit and stand-ups for me today. :p

I was stuck on one PDC question for quite a long time today so I emailed my lecturer Nina. She sent me the most awesome reply and I managed to solve the bugger =) I am ever ever ever so grateful to her! I felt sad because I usually never do try to stay awake in her lectures. She has commanded my respect today! In fact, she reminded me of the importance of staying awake as a sign of respect to the one speaking. I experienced this this week too since I had to present to a whole bunch of sleepy coursemates on a dead scientist =S . I shall try my best to uphold RESPECT for a speaker from now onwards. No excuses sometimes... If I shall have to sleep come what may, I should do it in the less obvious way possible. Humans are sometimes unforgiving. It's only when they do get into the shoes of another person that they learn what it's like to face that person's difficulties and challenges. Even then, the memory of a human being can be like a sieve. We often forget why it's important to be vigilant when it comes to lending an ear to a speaker with humility and eagerness. I hope God will keep me from offending anyone (especially lecturers) by a display of my shortcomings such as uncontrollable fatigue, tiredness or a plain bout of distracted thoughts.

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