Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Conquest of the Mind

Phrases can inspire. Words can tickle your mind. Ignorance can cause stagnation of brain matter. I was just reminded again today about the best (but not so easy) way of getting around challenges in life. It's all a matter of ATTITUDE, the way we respond to predicaments, the believe we have in ourselves that we can master an unfavourable situation instead of being a victim of it. We are only victims if we choose to be, never victimize ourselves. These words are so easily sprouted yet to adhere to them, it takes resilience, courage and optimism.

I know I'm a person who always looks at life as a glass half full. It's an unconcious point of view that I choose to take on the so called 'negative' things in life. Well, a problem should actually be viewed as a challenge or a temporary snag which will serve to better ourselves in the long run.

One good thing about me though, is how I'm inspired by words. Today, the phrase 'Conquest of the Mind' has struck me hard. For about a year, I've been agonizing myself by becoming sulky and complaining in the face of hardships. Who is to blame for my problems? Me myself and no others! I do not deserve to parade my annoyance at the expense of other people. Rather, I should smile, put my head up, and brace myself for the hike up any molehill, hill or mountain! CONQUEST OF THE MIND compounded with God's grace, I shall make it through the rain, any rain.

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