Monday, October 19, 2009

Frozen Grapes After a Day at School

When I got back to my flat today, I munched on a muffin almost immediately! Oh I do love cakes so much. Next, I swallowed some frozen black/purple grapes. I got the idea of doing this from a dieting book I read back in Malaysia and I can tell you just how great they taste! The texture is akin to that of a fruit sorbet and the fruit tastes much much sweeter. Such is the delight of this low calorie dessert/snack. Everyone should try it!

Today was pretty much a happy day. Although the cold is starting to settle in, (I completely abhor it when it gets to my bones), there are still a great many other things to cheer me up. Cheesecake, friends, and upcoming events sort of motivate me during the day. At least there are things to look forward to even in this mundane life of mine.

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