Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some Points to Ponder

Today, my nephew Seng followed to to church at More House. It was his first time attending a Catholic Mass and I was thrilled to see the spark of enthusiasm in him. He told me last week he's now interested in Christianity and I am trying to assist him and answer any questions he may have regarding the faith.

What made me happy today was all throughout the service, I didn't get the uncomfortable feeling of being afraid that he was bored. I didn't even need to ask him. So I was glad to receive questions from him regarding Dan Brown's novel, Mother Mary, the Eucharist etc. It was indeed a pleasant service which ended with coffee in the bar and a nice chat with Father Geoff. I never knew Father to be addicted to Sudoku! And he sounded totally hillarious when he pronounced it Soo-du-koh ^^

One point I have in mind is that a truly humble and curious person wouldn't mind asking questions pertaining to an entire new subject but as for people with a more decided mind, they often don't show interest in something deemed 'suspicious' with respect to their already established thoughts. I totally understand since a Bahai' once spoke to me about his faith and I was at first a bit apprehensive. However, it's different for me now because now, I don't mind asking people about their believes and hearing them out. I guess intelectual discourse is the way to go. Mum always said that Jesus chose his disciples from amongst fishermen because they were the ones who didn't judge. This does not go to say that Jesus avoided the pharisees because He wasn't up to combating their intellectuality, but rather, He could see that their hearts and minds were closed and he relayed his messages to them by parables and satires instead. When learning new things, be it about religion, politics, science or what not, to be receptive, we have to be willing not to necessarily accept immediately, but to explore first.

Another interesting thing I heard today was when Father mentioned how we must always forgive TOTALLY and UTTERLY. I am no saint and I can come up first and attest to the fact that this requires mammoth effort on my part especially for about 2 persons I've met in this lifetime. How unfair of me! How selfish! Hasn't God already forgiven me all my sins thus far? I say the Our Father everyday but I've lost it's essense along the way. ( "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us") It's time for me to learn pick up the pieces of my life which has gone missing. I thank the Lord for what He has reminded me of today =)

It was a sunny morning today. My heart is filled with joy and plus, I got to jog a bit after church! That made my morning!

My ramblings have come to an end for today. I have cooking and dinner plans with my fabulous cooking group mates later on in the evening (certainly something to look forward to!) and I better get myself busy with whatever I can find.


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