Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Up In the Clouds

..was where my head was today.  I washed my hair using body shampoo and only came to realise my silliness after catching a whiff of ginger from my head whilst blow-drying my hair. This is just another one of my many blonde, or to be more accurate, brunette moments. Oh yeah!! 


Another time, I vacuumed a single sock of mine while engaging in therapeutic room-cleaning, very much to my chagrin, because I had to admit it later to J and he kept calling me blonde. Another time, I tried to push my way through an a card-swipe door when there was a perfectly working automatic revolving door next to it. Once, I walloped my way through some tau-fu-fah, something I've been happily eating for 17 years and finally noticed that it tasted like soy bean.  Ironically, I was a soy-bean hater at that time. At least I finally got to appreciate the possibility of preferring different forms of the same thing.  

I can certainly be such an idiot at times. 

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