Thursday, May 10, 2012


Usually, one should be happy when presented with a good opportunity. However, and ironically so, I have been unhappy all day even after hearing something good, because I have been bogged down with serious life questions in my head, concerning the quality of my life and the meaning of my existence. The whole day today, I have just been slacking around instead of revising for my exams, scouring the Internet for bad and negative things that I could find about the good news I've heard, anything at all that would tarnish it. People say that humans can easily be convoluted with money talk, and I agree with that. If I would put my life on the line, there is a certain amount of compensation that I expect. And I know that I won't get be compensated the way I want if I were to say hello to this opportunity. Sigh.. 

In the end, I couldn't take it anymore and gave mom a call. The sound of her voice calmed me and made me happy, in a way only a mother's soothing and genuine voice can. Surprisingly, she did not try to hold me back at all, in fact, she encouraged me to take up the challenge. Doubts still linger above my head, but that affirmation from mom made all the difference, because I know who I'm fighting for. 

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