Monday, November 9, 2009

MIssing Mom

Today, I had to whip up a concoction of lemon, honey and tea to help me cure my sore throat and cough. Unfortunately, as soon as I drank a few sips of the (cursed?) drink, I launched into a fit of coughs. Ever since I recovered from my childhood asthma, I never coughed this much and this hard before. But I was really thankful to God for letting me cough like that, because in doing so, I am reminded of how mom used to take care of me during my weak childhood. I am not working hard to become somebody in life now because of selfish reasons. It's the last thing I want to do. I am doing this for mom, and dad and my beloved family.

Today, I write a tribute to mom. Some random things which pop up one by one, small little deeds done in extraordinary ways. Mom, the one who cleared my sick all throughout my life. Mom, the one who cycled in the rain to get me a pinafore for my public speaking contest. Mom, who got into an accident while trying to transfer me into another school. Mom, who consoled me when my friend was involved in a tragedy. Mom, who taught me her favourite hymn, 'God is Dwelling in my Heart'. Mom, who brought me to Jesus. Mom, who is never selfish with her hugs. Mom, the disciplinarian, the mentor, the friend, the teacher, the counsellor, the best loved besides God and His Holy Saints. May I bring you sunshine, laughter, happiness and serenity =) I love you, Mom!

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