Friday, November 6, 2009

Brain Dead to Anything but Food

Just as the title says, that is how I am these days. I experience these temporary yet frequent episodes of a dead brain. I can sit on my chair and let my mind (mind you, my mind, not my brain) wander while my brain stagnates and does nothing. Nothing at all, geez! I look at an equation of a circle and my dead brain does not process it as a circle. As I stare at the words 'transfer function', the gears in my brain stop working and I find myself in a trance, but of course unlike the famous trance depicted in American Beauty. THAT freaked me out! However, when the window to my soul (i.e. my eyes) feasts itself upon a little edible something, anywhere, anytime, my brain starts working, the gears make continuous contact with each other, they keep rolling rolling and rolling and signals are sent to my stomach to RUMBLE!

--"Gosh, wake up already you brain dead creature! You can be receptive only if you really wanted to."--

Anyways, that is how I am these days. Pathetic?. That would seriously be an understatement. Perhaps I should reinvent 'pathetic' into 'some sort of parasite that lives on algae' or anything else to that effect. This reminds me of Julia Robert's dialogue in My Best Friend's Wedding. HAHA.

Oh and by the way, did I mention I lost my voice? It happened just in the snap of my fingers, in 3 blinks of the eye, in a flash of lightning. I was pigging on some tortillas when suddenly, my voice turned all husky and manly. Whoa, so is this the feeling boys feel when their voice breaks? One moment you have your innocent pitch, and the next, you're eligible to sing a sexy duet with Shakira.

--"Next time, no more mexican chilli tortillas when you're having a sore throat you silly girl!!" --

Oh? Did I hear a buzz? Sounded like a mosquito. I'll make a mental note to spray some repellent in my room. ;P

I've been trying all day to cure this pain in my throat. Seriously! I gargled with salt twice, drank loads of water, ate some mint, bought and drank some honey but I guess the ultimate and most up to date thing that passed through my throat countered all those good old granny's remedies: Ice-creeeeaaammm.

So now, I SCREAM with jagged notes. (forgive the pun, I couldn't resist it)

So folks, what can I say now save , "Good bye to you, the usual product of the vibrations of my voice box, I hope to be reunited with you again sometime soon"?


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