Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I just had a conference call with a team of nice people from a commercial team of an O&G company back home. The prospects are not too bad. They are recruiting fresh graduates to join in at the early planning stages of a huge petrochemicals plant, something very exciting to be a part of. The final investment decision (FID) takes place in 2013, while the construction of the physical plant takes 3 years. Being involved in something like this is quite nice as it promises a steep learning curve, plus the salary is sufficient and the location is central. During the call, I was asked if I'm a social drinker, whether I watch shows on TV and whether I play games. I was told that I'll be doing a lot of minute taking (:S) and that I'll have to stay on late in the evenings. The chat was really informal and I felt at ease.

Many years ago, this would have been the dream job for me. Right now, I don't exactly know but I'll wait to hear back from them before I clear off this cloud of uncertainty shrouding my bobby head.

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