Friday, February 5, 2010

Taking pieces of me away

I just watched the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, the 13th episode of the latest season. There was a part towards the end, when Yang told Mr. Red Head that her previous fiancee took bits and parts of herself away. She loved him but he stripped her off her true self and she changed into something else, thus losing herself in the process. She was being unconsciously pushed towards self submission to her lover. Isn't that sad? What a reflection of something which can happen to anyone of us!

When we love someone, we might give up things that are important to us because we're too busy being in a relationship. Our goals might turn vague, cloudy and distant. I loved the intelligent way the scriptwriters portrayed this. Although GA is peppered with promiscuity and random relationships between the characters, it still does touch on relationships in a most interesting manner. Literature and film are good ways to reach out to the mass public about psychology. Ah, how reminiscent is this! Just like my TOK topic in the year 2008. Memories!

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