Friday, February 12, 2010


Today is a happy day. Ok, that was a total LIE. Today was an extremely, exceedingly, enormously HAPPY day!!!

1. Henry gave me a box of chocolates and lifted me off the floor in a hug. He totally is a father figure to me. Sayang him alot!
2. I was supposed to sell 10 Valentines lollies today, and the unknown professor I really like bought the 9th/10th for me! And so I completed my sales target!!!
3. My boss got me a Valentine lolly as a reward, just as she promised. And I ended up with 2 lollies now! Can't wait to give one to Deer!
4. I had an amazing lunch of nasi briyani with Khan and another pHd student, which was AWESOME!!! There was lamb and egg and carrots in the fragrant rice. It was so sinful!
5. Make-up and shorts issues Mnite costumes are settled! Plus a GBP1.60 to be spent by my housemate.
6. Deer will be arriving in 45 minutes!!
7. Baking session later!
8. CNY and Valentine's on the same day soon!!!
9. I can call home soon!
10. I got a placement!!!!

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