Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Weekend

Thanks to a nice friend from church, this year will be my first time experiencing the entire Easter Triduum! I've been to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services but on Saturday night tonight, it will be my first time attending Easter Vigil!!

I am really excited and very thankful to God for staying close to me today. It was a mini adventure today! I slept just past midnight on Good Friday after saying the rosary. Woke up early in the morning and at noon, I walked to The Oratory for confession only to find out that confession times were a bit different for Holy Week. So I wasted an hour and found myself back at my flat. I couldn't sit still though, so at 1.30 pm I rushed out again to make it for the 2pm confession which turned out to be fruitful! Next, I headed to the Chaplaincy at 3pm for Good Friday Mass with everyone else. There was the passion for the gospel and the Veneration of the Cross.

I was a bit dehydrated today so I drank lots of water. In past years, I could do without. I reached home around 4.30 pm and tried to study for a bit. At 6.30pm, I contemplated on the Stations of the Cross and finally broke my fast at 7pm. It was indeed a great Good Friday! I really could feel that God was helping me through the day, given how much I love food, it was no small task. Thank you Jesus!

Easter Vigil tomorrow! I'm really excited!!

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