Sunday, January 23, 2011


"Congratulations Lucy, I have a gift for you!" Those were the words spoken by God to me. I heard them in the dead of the night.

He came silently to repay me for the many times in which I was unkind, heartless, dependent and selfish. The gift He brought was a retribution for all the past wrongs I have committed. Being an ever forgiving Father, I can clearly see that it's a gift afterall. It is the time now to teach myself to be kind, full of heart, independent and selfless.

Is it not amazing how fickle life can seem at times? How random everything is? Strong feelings get washed in gradual waves, people come and go, everything moves, motion dominates. If you close your eyes and run from reality for an extended period of time, upon your return, everything is different. You got your moment alone while you were away, but upon returning, you have been forgotten.

Promises are just words, spoken for reassurance. Only God, family and true friends are forever true to you.

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