Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Being with the same group of people for an extended (prolonged) amount of time could sometimes lead to an uneasy feeling of discomfort and instigate a need for some form of escapade. Reasons for this could be anything ranging from a sense of not belonging- thus feeling unwanted by one's peers, unhappiness around certain people which translates into suppression of thoughts and actions to suit others, the want for better company, the need to be in a comfortable place with familiar people and what not. A plethora of factors, but all leading to an enormous expanding bubble of air in one's trachea, pushing upwards and disallowing the passage of air into one's lungs. Lest the sphere breaks loose, one dies.  

Today a long time friend called me to ask if I was free on one of the weekend's this month. He told me he wanted to run away from where he is right now. I could totally relate to him but I felt that his call was imposing on me. There is no way that I could accommodate him, not just because I'm living a busy life, but even more so because I just rejected the request of another close girlfriend to spend one of her weekends with me. Don't get the impression that I'm a selfish loner, I'm just taking the time to sort out my priorities in life. I love my girlfriend so very much and would wish her to be by my side right this moment, but sometimes, the demands of life take precedence over us and we just have to cave in to them. I am missing her so much now. I'm not going to run, I'm just going to stay put and find the center point of my life, refocus, purify and streamline. 

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