Sunday, August 14, 2011

Addendum to Yesterday

Finally, at about 9.30pm, I got to make my way to meet up with D1 and D2 at D1's new place. It was a lovely flat, spacious with lots of storage rooms around the house, and very near my place too!

The two Ds were laughing about some kind of joke they shared with Tuna, which made me very curious so I couldn't help but interrogate them endlessly. Finally, we got into a skype video call with Tuna and Rabbit, and the two Ds brought out a little booklet for me. This little booklet comprised of birthday messages from my family, closest friends from college and varsity pals. Most of the messages in the book came with quirky pictures of my well wishers holding huge cards with my name on it, in all sorts of funny poses. I love it so much. All the jokes were just a smokescreen apparently, to just divert my attention. 

I left about 1.30 am and when I got home, I cried, just as I said I would to Tuna and Rabbit. I was so touched with the effort they put in. The best and most sincere birthday present ever, just made its way to me and I feel so blessed by God for having such wonderful friends. The day was irritable, yes, but only so it could end very very nicely.

Thank you Father! 

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